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Locks & Security

ABUS 770A SmartX ULock


Enjoy the benefits of the innovative SmartX™ cylinder and turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a personalised key. The ABUS One app offers maximum convenience: You can open your bike lock without a key or mobile phone in your hand, for example. The keyless function makes it possible and the proven SmartX™ technology makes it secure.

Combined with the proven loud 100 dB alarm, this lock offers the highest possible security for high-value bikes such as e-bikes and cargo bikes.

ABUS 440 Alarm ULock


A compact and loud alarm system combined with proven ABUS security technology make the Alarm 440 more than just a simple lock.

ABUS 410 ULock & Loop Cable


What features does it have to protect against theft? A 12mm thick rounded shackle which is made of specially hardened steel – just like the body and structural parts of the locking mechanism. Combined with a high-quality locking cylinder which offers superb protection against tampering such as picking thanks to “double locking”, the Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock is a reliable companion when you are out on your high-end bicycle. The lock passed the ice spray test with flying colours.

ABUS 8807K Steel-O-Chain


The biggest advantage of this lock, as with all chain locks, is its flexibility. It can be easily connected to virtually any object, even in the smallest of spaces. Whether bicycle racks or street lamps, the Steel-O-Chain 8807 offers maximum flexibility with a length of up to 110 cm.

At the same time it offers high comfort with its automatic cylinder. This means that it locks as soon as the end piece is inserted. Active locking with the key is not necessary.

BikeBac Tracker


Easily locate your bike using the Apple Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide. Track from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.
The Bikebac tracker used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to relay it's location using billions of Apple devices, back to you. When it's within 100ft of an Apple device, it's location data will be updated.
All of this, without any subscription costs, right from the Find My app that's already on your device.

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