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Our Services
Walk-ins Welcome!

STT has successfully completed training and certification through CEBA, the Canadian Electric Bike Association, and LEVA, the Light Electric Vehicle Association. In conjunction with technician courses through the University of Calgary as well as full Shimano S-TEC certification, we are able to diagnose and repair all types of personal electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters, etc. Please see below for more information, or reach out to us at if you have any specific questions. 

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Anything Else?

  • Regular bike mechanical tune ups and repairs.

  • Installation of manufacturer provided parts for repair.

  • Addition of aftermarket parts & accessories (restrictions apply).

  • Repair or replacement of damaged electrical components (motor, controller, throttle, wires & cables, etc.)

Anything else we can help with that isn't listed? Shoot us a message explaining what you need and we will help however we can. 

Any work not included in any of the above packages will be billed at a per hour rate*. 


Standard PEV Tune Up

Bike running great but just needs a freshening up for the next season? Get it cleaned, aligned, and lubed up for a full summer of riding without the added expense of an electrical inspection. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

$129.99 + GST


Advanced PEV Tune Up

This includes everything included in a full tune up, as well as software updating, a battery life analysis, lubricating and inspecting internal motor gears, as well as a printed report of everything conducted for your reference. 

$239.99 + GST


Due to the vast array of brands and the varied electrical components utilized by them, some repairs are simply not possible due to a lack of parts as some components may no longer be manufactured and there may not be a suitable alternative. Please note that while we have the capabilities to fix any and all makes and models, there is not much we can do if a manufacturer does not support their own products. Unfortunately it is not always possible for us to diagnose an unrepairable issue without first completing some type of work and therefore an upfront charge of $65.00 is always required before any electrical diagnosis, regardless if it is repairable or not after the inspection. We want to do our best to keep you and your e-ride on the road, but we are only human! 

Labour Rates:
Mechanical Work - $100/hr (30 minute increments available for some work)
Electrical Work - $110/hr (30 minute increments available for some work)

Book a service:

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly via your preferred contact method.

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