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Offering fun, efficient, and environmental transportation options to a world on the move.


In 2020, the founder and owner of STT Electrix was struggling to find a Covid-friendly option to celebrate a birthday. Eventually deciding on renting eBikes for the very first time, he instantly fell in love upon jumping on a Pedego Cruiser and an obsession was formed. 

In 2021 he purchased his first eBike; a Super73 S1 and used it as his commuter, leaving his fuel powered, T-Rex burning vehicle at home. In 2023, in search of something a bit more powerful and conducive to long commutes, he purchased a second eBike; a Ride1Up 700. 

As he flew by the lines of rush hour traffic on the daily and saw more and more liquidized dinosaurs turned into exhaust fumes, he wished that more Calgarians utilized environmental transportation. That is what led to the formation of STT, a desire to educate and offer environmental alternatives to all Calgarians, regardless of budget, purpose, etc., and to keep those electric alternatives on the road as long as possible. 

 STT will become a brick-and-mortar location for anything that moves without a fuel tank in 2024. We will be offering a vast array of electric transportation methods such as electric bikes, eScooters, electric unicycles, etc. as well as accessories and equipment. We will also service and maintain any and all modes of personal electric vehicles, even ones we don't sell, as we are certified through the Canadian Electric Bike Association (CEBA), as well as the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA).

STT is the only CEBA and LEVA certified business in Calgary. Please check out our Services page for more information.

For now, stay tuned folks, and we look forward to meeting you all in the coming months!

Our Mission Statement: 

At STT, we help our customers find quality, eco-friendly, and enjoyable methods of transportation that can be used daily, no matter the lifestyle or budget, and to keep those rides on the road as long as possible. Happy people make a healthy planet, and a healthy planet makes happy people.

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