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ABUS 770A SmartX ULock - $379.99


The 770A SmartX™ U-lock combines proven security systems from ABUS with the latest technology – for the best possible protection for your bike and maximum convenience for you.

Smart bike security offers the highest possible protection without having to be complicated. The use of innovative technology, combined with maximum mechanical security, makes the 770A SmartX™ the most secure bike lock in its class.

Enjoy the benefits of the innovative SmartX™ cylinder and turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a personalised key. The ABUS One app offers maximum convenience: You can open your bike lock without a key or mobile phone in your hand, for example. The keyless function makes it possible and the proven SmartX™ technology makes it secure.

Combined with the proven loud 100 dB alarm, this lock offers the highest possible security for high-value bikes such as e-bikes and cargo bikes.

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